New iOS 9 Feature: Send voicemail as an audio file

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For years I’ve been annoyed that there was no way to send a voicemail from my iPhone to my wife’s iPhone. With iOS 9, it looks like there will finally be a way!

Here’s how it works:

  1. You receive a new voicemail.
  2. Open the Phone app -> Voicemail tab.
  3. Tap the voicemail you’d like to send and it will expand to show additional buttons.
  4. Tap the Share Sheet button (the box with the arrow pointing up).
  5. The share sheet opens with options for sending the voicemail as an audio file to Messages, Mail, Notes, Voice Notes, and possibly other Apps.

Disclaimer: iOS 9 is only at Beta 1 at this point, so there is a chance it could be removed for the final release, but let’s hope it makes it into the final iOS 9 release!

Big thanks to Bearxor on the MacRumors forums for discovering this new feature!

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Live on AppChat Radio to discuss all things WWDC 2015!

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Super excited to be on AppChat Radio to discuss all things ‪#‎WWDC2015‬ with my buddy John! We talk OS X El Capitan, iOS 9, watchOS 2, Apple Music, and more! Take a listen to AppChat Radio Episode 11!

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WWDC 2015 Notes

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-10.11 will be called “El Capitan”, after the mountain in Yosemite

-Focus on experience and performance

-New gestures in Mail for marking unread and deleting emails

-Pinned sites in Safari, tabs that always remain open in your browser. Indicator that shows which tab audio is playing in.

-Spotlight enhancements – natural language search in Spotlight search.

-Window management – drag and drop for split view. 

-Beta out today for developers, public beta in July, free upgrade to everyone this Fall.


-83% of iPhone users on iOS 8

-Battery life, performance, security, intelligence without compromising privacy

-iOS Intelligence – new interface

-Detailed reminders – remind to get the coffee off the top of my car

-When looking at web page in Safari, adds reminder using Siri

-Proactive – example of running every morning, the iPhone home screen offers the “now playing” screen after you plugin headphones, or open audio book when getting in car.

-Time to leave reminder uses traffic and location to determine time to leave reminder

-Phone call from unknown caller, it will look in email to try to determine callers name

-Enhanced predictive Search – offers contacts, app, location searches based on context

-“Back to previous app” API from Messages and other apps

-Focus on privacy – all intelligence is done on device, not in cloud

-Will work on all devices that support iOS 8

-Public beta in July, release in Fall

Apple Pay

-Discover card will be supported

-Apple Pay coming to UK

-Tons of new stores and venues supported

-Loyalty and rewards cards being added

-Passbook renamed to Wallet since it supports new types of cards

Notes app





-Add web site links in Notes


-Public transit in Maps

-Surveyed entrances to subway stations

-Search buttons in Maps for Food, Gas, etc
News app

-Custom layout, rich typography

-Personalized news content

iPad updates

-All new iPad multitasking

-Split view

-App thinning


-Carbon monoxide sensors



-Access home remotely and securely using iCloud


-Wireless CarPlay

-Car manufacturers can integrate their apps to control in-vehicle systems

-Swift 2 is open source


-Native apps coming to Apple Watch

-Great new capabilities and native apps

-Kevin Lynch

-watchOS 2

-Timepiece: Photos watch face or photo album face, timelapse photo locations

-Complications: App developers can make complications (car charge level, sports scores, etc)

-Time Travel: rotate digital crown to move through time and see future information (events, weather, etc) *flus capacitor sold separately

-Nightstand mode: when Watch is on side and charging, there is a new clock UI and alarm

-Communication: separate friend groups and add friends from your Watch

-Email: able to reply to email

-FaceTime audio now supported

-Health & Fitness: Fitness apps can run natively on Watch and show heart rate

-Use Siri to start workouts

-Apple Pay: store cards and loyalty cards supported on Watch

-Transit now supported

-Control HomeKit enabled devices

-Siri can show Instagram Glance even if not selected

-UI and logic can now run on Watch

-Apps can directly communicate with know. wifi networks

-Microphone access, audio through speaker, video, HealthKit access, HomeKit, accelerometer, Taptic engine, Digital Crown

-watchOS 2 developer beta today, available to everyone in Fall

One more thing…(Apple Music)

-Apple Music

-Jimmy Iovine on stage

-Streaming music services

-Beats1 first worldwide 24/7 radio station

-Curated playlists

-Connect: social media network where artists can post photos and posts

-Custom playlists based on your interests

-iTunes for Android


-$14.99 family plan

Predictions for Apple’s summer event (WWDC 2015)

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Every summer Apple hosts its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. Apple reveals the stuff they’ve been working the past year that will help App developers make modern and and cool Apps. Here are some of my predictions of what we might see this coming Monday June 8th at 10am PST:

  • iOS 9 – subscription music service using Beats Music acquisition (“Apple Music”?), public transit directions in Apple Maps, Siri improvements, predictive or context-aware Siri, font changed to new “San Francisco” font, under-the-hood reliability improvements and bug fixes.
  • Apple TV – expect a major update since Apple TV hasn’t been updated in the past few years, new hardware, subscription streaming TV service, third-party Apple TV Apps, new touch-sensitive remote control. ***UPDATE*** Late breaking chatter says Apple will delay the announcement of a new Apple TV. All the nerds are flabbergasted since this was going to be the most exciting news coming out of WWDC. Let’s hope we’ll still see an announcement!
  • Apple Watch – native Apps are coming to Apple Watch, this means speedier, responsive, more powerful Apps coming to your wrist!
  • OS X – improved stability and maybe a couple new features, to be named after a famous place or city in California, previous names were “Mavericks” and “Yosemite”, could we see “Tahoe”, “Catalina”, or “Napa”?
  • HomeKit – home automation integrated with Siri, use your voice to control lights, thermostat, garage door, possibly a new Home app. We are finally seeing new hardware for sale that integrates with HomeKit. 
  • Apple Pay – added support for loyalty cards.

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